Miss Hachey . Handling Director For Tauladecomunicacio.

Miss Hachey is an award winning, enthusiastic online marketer dedicated to helping small businesses make the most of the advantages that marketing needs to use. As the Founder and Handling Director of Tauladecomunicacio.net, Miss Hachey combines her experience as a certified marketing specialist and her substantial passion for building relationships to assist businesses browse the ever-changing world of marketing. Owned by the success of her customers, she is tactical and innovative in her thinking. She has the thorough understanding of the leading online and offline channels and can supply marketing guidance that causes results.

She is an enthusiastic advocate of the advantages and chances that marketing can use people and services that are looking to make an impact in their industry.

Her positive and energetic state of mind is balanced with a practical and genuine method to creating marketing strategies that recognize and take advantage of opportunities for her customers to regularly succeed.

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